shamanic healing

shamanic healing

shamanic healing


Healing Saints Tambourines shamanic is a certified training seminar conducted during the four weekends within one calendar year. Completion of this course will give participants information, knowledge and tools needed to become a practicing specialist in shamanic healing saints Tambourines. The course is one of three practical training seminars taught at the Academy of Healing Sound (College of Sound Healing) and is certified by the CMA – Unconventional Medicine Association (Complimentary Medical Association) and STA – Association of Healing Sound (Sound Therapy Association).

The power of the drum and its use in healing is a universal, all-encompassing and extensively delineated issue. This course is aimed at energizing students confidence in healing himself (above), to help others, healing the house and the Earth. Information and wisdom of other cultures is interwoven with scientific knowledge to strengthen the study of healing sound. In many cultures, shamanistic drum is still used for healing units and to maintain the social fabric of communities. This course opens each participant on this potential in our social groups. Students are encouraged to develop the through reading and inquiry, deep and personal understanding of himself (above) himself as a shaman and healer.

Students begin the course by doing their individual healing drum and rattles.

Homework will be asked after every weekend and to finish the course with a diploma must be carried inflicted case-studies and give them a description before completing the course.

Each module costs 1,600 gold including board and lodging. The material on drums and rattles will cost 250 dollars.


shamanic healing


module I

Introduction and ritual shamanic Healing Drum
Song of the Saints Directions
Initial connection with your guides and allies through ritual Healing Circle
The ritual of making their own drums, sticks and rattles
Meditation with a drum and drum inauguration
Fumigation, singing and chanting

This weekend includes: admission to the rituals, fogging, making your own drum sticks and rattles; inauguration of healing through visualization of the drum and an invitation to the family of the beech tree and the animal ram.

Homework: Daily inauguration your drum with the song Saints Directions, ideas for decoration of the drum, meeting new guides and allies through the Healing Circle, finding five customers to practice healing.


During the second module we will focus on the relationship of the student and his (her) own drum, learning and discovering voicing drum at the front, back and sides with a voice rattles, clubs and hand. Students activate the tripartite relationship between the drum, each other and the Circle of healing, learning and learning outside the human power to reflect the inner world. Students initiate drums in the four sacred elements, by immersion in water, earth, air and fire. Exploring and expressing prayers aloud, finding the best way to discover and invite their own power. The rituals of shamans and healers of Hawaii, the Red Indians, the Incas, the British and Polish will be presented and the appropriate initiations will be given.

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